“Liking Someone is Better than Loving Someone”

Now, before you denounce and trounce upon this assertion, I would like you to think about it for a moment. This is not to say that anyone who has or does love somebody is wasting their time, but it would be nice to uh, hear me out.

It is of course assumed that what I am referring to is the fear of in fact loving someone and ending up getting hurt. But as I would like to point out later in this article, one can like somebody, and still be loving towards them. Indeed, once you like somebody, we can safely assume that you WOULD give a rats ass if something wrong happened to him or her. Thus, the caring factor is already in place.

Now, before I go any further, I would like to say that loving somebody obviously involves a level of intimacy that liking somebody doesn’t. However, if we are to discuss relationships, which is in fact what I am keen on discussing, part of the reasons why we find them difficult is because we confuse loving somebody for caring, or merely sexual intimacy. Many people seem to think they are in love but are only interested in a sexual interaction. This is fine, and you’re free to do that, but when your relationship fails after three months, don’t say: “But, I loved him/her”, because it’s not true. Oh, btw, please don’t think about calling me out and saying “Well, what do you know about relationships?”. To that I say, more than you think. I’m no relationship expert, I admit, but what the f^&k is a relationship expert? I mean really. You would have to have experienced many relationships, and if you do, then you must be really good at not keeping one for long.

Loving somebody has its benefits. You would feel like you are really, really liked by somebody. It is a great feeling. But it is also a word thrown around too often. Too many people seem to prefer calling it being “in love”, because they want to have been in love. All that really happens when you are “in love” is you give yourself the right to act more hysterically with the person you like. And conversely, the person you like, acts just as hysterical and spontaneous, and emotionally volatile. Love, is liking someone, really really high. But, it is not a natural state.

When you “like” somebody, even if it is your spouse, it is the most innocent and pure form of affection and care. You “like” somebody usually for their existence, but you “love” somebody usually for what they do for you. Now, you see how this love can turn into hate? Therefore, I think it would be more beneficial if we all liked our significant other, and not loved them. These days, we live in such hyperbole and extremes, and often consisting of love-hate attitudes and mentalities that we at times tend to mistake our feelings. Consequently, we tend to forget that deep down, we do at the basic level actually like this beautiful person we are with.

Think about how it would feel if we acted more reasonably in our relationships. If for a moment, we thought, I do like this person. I am enamored by him or her, but I am also aware of my actions, because I am not letting my feelings get ridiculously overblown and out of proportion.

I think it is clear that when you like somebody, you still like them for who they are. You just do not expect them to be any more hyperbolic than he or she should be. So, remember, liking somebody is better than loving somebody.



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