Pinocchio, Clubbing. (satire)

He is a notorious liar. But just imagine…

Pinocchio goes into a nightclub. He sees all the people singing along, drinking and dancing. It is there that Pinocchio meets some friends. In the dark, with flashing lights all round, his friends offer to buy him a drink. Pinocchio responds with a “white lie” that he is allergic. But his nose didn’t change in size. He knew he had made the right decision.

Then, Pinocchio sees a girl. She is beautiful, with big brown eyes, and long brown hair. Pinocchio realizes he cannot speak to her without being nervous. There is also the threat of him lying to her, resulting in a bigger embarrassment. Beginning to question everything, Pinocchio considers having a drink, after all. He is mesmerized by her eyes. As Pinocchio attempts to reach the bar, the girl asks him a terrifying question: “What’s your name?” Pinocchio quickly glances and says: “I’m sorry, I will be back.”

Acquiring the randomly chosen drink, Pinocchio looks to find the gorgeous girl once again. With the extra sense of excitement, on one hand, and the bitter tasting beer in the other, Pinocchio decided to drink the beer completely so he would feel more at ease, had he spotted the girl.

Seeing the girl finally, Pinocchio went to speak to her. She was dancing, however, and Pinocchio didn’t want her to ask him to dance, either. When the girl looked across, and saw Pinocchio looking a little bit dazed, she came to see him. When they met again, Pinocchio said: “My name is Antonio!” His nose grew a little. So, he quickly responded by saying: “I mean, Pinocchio!” She laughed, and said: “You’re funny…Do you dance?” Pinocchio knew that for that to happen, he would need more drinks. But instead, his main preoccupation at this point was to prevent his nose growth, and try to see her again after the club. But as soon as he was about to respond, Pinocchio was forcefully dragged by his friends away from the girl.

Pinocchio’s so-called friends had reserved a room especially for them. It was now made ready. But Pinocchio was furious that they had pulled him away like that. Looking for an apology, instead, he was told not to worry as there were drinks “on the house” for him to have so he would become even more “comfortable”, should he go and see her again.

With more and more drinking, Pinocchio lost track of time, and space. Thinking he was ready to appear back on the dance floor and find the girl of his dreams, there was one thing Pinocchio was most concerned with: keeping his nose at the normal size! Seeing he had little control of himself, but conversely felt most comfortable, he decided to leave the private room to see about the girl. Then, his friends asked him to stay and try one more thing they had scored.

It was cocaine. And Pinocchio feeling disoriented and confused, was told that if he used some, he would feel the best he had ever felt, and then some! So, sitting on the couch, the guys set some on the table for him to try. It was unsettling, as Pinocchio looked around and could only see double, of everyone and everything. They were six friends coming to the club, now there were twelve, it seemed!

Pinocchio felt his heart pounding harder and harder, as he looked at the lined powder on the table. He noticed that the more he looked at it, the more his nose grew! Finally, as he leaned in, his nose was the size of a ruler. Sweating and wondering how he was now supposed to snort it with such a long nose, he looked up for a moment as to ask for mercy one last time, and instead noticed the girl walking in the room.

Their eyes locked, and Pinocchio’s worst nightmare had come true. No mercy could be foreseen. He looked at her with his eyes bulging and waiting to see her reaction, but she too was shocked, of course! Then, out of the blue, she burst into laughter. The sight of Pinocchio and his long nose trying to snort cocaine was hard to picture and even harder not to laugh at.

The truth was, she knew of Pinocchio all along. She was just hoping that one day she could meet him, since she heard that Pinocchio was now a better man, having just come back from rehab. But she loved him even more than Pinocchio ever knew. She was willing to forgive his antics on this night and take care of him. She could see that Pinocchio really wanted her, as well.

So, after the eventful night, Pinocchio went on to see the girl as often as he could. She took good care of him, and Pinocchio never saw threats of his nose growing, ever again!


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