The Scottish Referendum: A Perspective from Canada

As I write this piece, it is now the middle hours of voting time allotted for Scottish people to vote whether they would like to stay within a United Kingdom, or become an independent entity. I am proud of our human race to have come to a point where we can think not of weapons and violent protest and uprisings that harm one another, but more peaceful means to exercise a people’s will. I am happy that we opt for conciliation and charm, rather than intimidation and harm to bring people on our side, these days.

It is with great optimism that we can, at the very least, dwell on the fact that war is no longer necessary, and a cost of dear human life for the expression of the will for freedom and independence no longer under threat. I sincerely hope that like another country’s expression for independence as Canada’s, which was peacefully conducted from the United Kingdom through dialogue, can be emulated in Scotland (although they are different of its circumstance and historical trajectory, of course). I also hope that for the rest of the world, a lesson can be learned. We are advanced enough as a human race to peacefully express our desires, our aspirations, hopes and dreams, through proper assessment and through dialogue.

With this, I hope that whatever the outcome may be in Scotland, that a democratic decision and with an ultimate will of the people the fate of her nation can been decided. Notwithstanding the politics involved, it is important to embrace these processes and learn from the great nation of Scotland for their bravery, honesty, and true belief in self-expression through the ballot, and if they choose, through their independence.

Good luck to the Scots,

Respectfully Yours,

Sam Dali


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