The Boomerang of Feelings.

On this too-warm-to-wear-a-sweater-but-too-cold-to-wear-a-t-shirt kind of day, I examine the reasons why it is that we tend to allow our feelings to get away from us and often quite easily. This whirlwind of emotions can grip us and if we should God forbid take our eyes off it, it can come back and hit us in our heads! The whole process thus, can be circular. How so? Well, everybody’s feelings are different, but it is the fact that whatever the case may be, if you are not in tune or in line with your feelings and emotions, they will fly like a boomerang as you are left merely watching. And, unlike an actual boomerang, this process can be slow and agonizing.

So, I thought, what is it that needs to be corrected? How does one control their emotions all the time? Why would they want to? Obviously, for some, they’d like to be “swept off their feet”, and that means letting go, and throwing not a boomerang but a “heart dart”, hoping it hits the target, or at least very close (and if it does congratulations, you are in love)!

Coming to a pretty easy realization, I think what needs to change are not the strategies that deal with the emotions, but your place in your “space” at the time “the boomerang is thrown”. What you need to do is find a nice place, and imagine it being your serene sphere of self-nourishment. It is there that whichever direction the boomerang is thrown, it will come back to a good place, to the initial pleasant feeling, which it was.

But if, for example, you are in a dark place, those feelings will go and however high or low the elevation, the “boomerang of feelings” will come back to you to the DARK SPACE! So, try to put yourself in a great place and environment and your feelings will only settle to what they were, which was hopefully a serene, happy and fun place.

So, always remember: location, location, location!

Good Luck!


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