Talk is Free, Not Cheap.

Talk is free, not cheap.

I know with these words I’ll make no leaps. And I know y’all don’t give a fuck about me.

They say it’s easy to talk about an issue. It’s easy to criticize, and patronize the one’s that you feel have dissed you.

Fact of the matter is, you gotta fight for life and express yourself and hope, for their sake, only a few have dismissed you.

But then there are days you find yourself in between hurdles. You run around and find yourself only runnin’ around in circles.

You feel oppressed, feelin the aches and pains, and life puttin you to the test

And you, ha, you don’t know the definition of rest.

All the pain inside you is now burnin hot. You gotta raise the issue then hope that you’ve stirred the pot.

You got a whole lot inside but you already know that:

Talk is free, not cheap.

You wanna step outta line, it’s what gives you sleep.

During the days, it’s what helps you leap.

But you know, you ain’t rich and shameless, society says you’re poor and aimless,

All you can do is step outta the way cause’ no one cares what you have got to say.

And you thought your freedom of speech was enough,

saving your day, day by day, off the cuff.

That the freedom to say shit stood paramount.

Yeah yeah,

but what makes you heard son

are the dollars in your bank account.


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