When ‘Pourquoi moi?’ Becomes ‘Pourquoi pas moi?’

It is easy to fall into a trap of thoughts ruminating around in your mind about ‘why this happened?’ or ‘why that is still happening’ to me. We fall into this cycle and in the middle of it, we lose our sense of self. We become critics harsher than the harshest film critics. We dwindle on and on unknowingly about what could be or what could have been. And finally, we reach the inevitable question we tend to ask ourselves: why me?

We ask ourselves this question because we look around at those nearest to us and compare ours lives to theirs, first. Then we look around further and see people wandering around places to get to, seemingly happier and more content with themselves. Then we see the success stories on a daily basis in media outlets and crush our lives, concluding that: ‘this is bullshit’. You start to believe somehow that it is only you in this world who is lost, maybe lonely, and directionless. You feel compelled to do so because you think it’s all about you, or up to you to do it all.

With this concept and outlook, you become exhausted, almost immediately. Looking for answers, to questions that don’t need to be asked. But you want to ask these questions because you are curious. Curious you are to know what this is all about. Why have events triggered events that seem to be happening only to you, and sabotaging your inner spirit. You become understandably complacent. Eager yet you are to do something. You believe there are answers. But the worst question to ask is: ‘why me?’

Many have come before you to ask the very same question, and many more will come after you. There are many other open-ended questions that have been asked in history and to no definitive response, and to no avail. But one open-ended question can lead one to a better understanding, and may bring a definitive response. It is a question that questions the former question we asked. If you ask: ‘why me?’, then one could question the thought, with ‘why not me?’. The word ‘not’ plays a positive role here, for once at least, which is to turn a negative question into a positive one.

We ask it to hopefully see the positives in why one should eliminate themselves from an equation, ‘why not I’ you ask yourself, who has been put in these circumstances. And, why not I, who can see to it and address it?

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