3 Easy Ways to Turn Life’s Staccato into Legato

Sometimes in life there are ups and downs. Sometimes there are “downs and downs” and prolonged experiences of frustration and despair experienced by many a day. There are bumps and bruises and beaten up souls, and yet life goes on it seems. What is our role in this movement?

There are indeed several ways one can tackle life’s challenges from the state of Staccato to a more in tune melody of Legato. This musical reference is not without intent as our lives can be seen as rhythmic changes in essence. It is difficult to see such a concept, but like music, we cannot see it, yet we use other senses to enjoy it (be it listening or dancing).

But in this very short blog, I aim to show that we can change the hardship lifestyles we carry and control its rhythms by rewriting the notes and playing it with less attention to the staccato’s of life, and thus eliminating them to form a legato of smooth indifference and joyous melody.

You may be thinking, what the hell is he talking about?

Don’t worry, just imagine that if we were all nothing but a song being played, and life was the singer, wouldn’t you want there to be proper voice? Or, would you rather it was all over the place?

The secret lies in the fact that we all think the staccato is created by life. We all think the noise and beats are drummed up by life itself and the people around us. But the fact of the matter is these sounds are only in our heads. So, the three things to remember are:

1) The Staccato of life is normal, it is to be there so life doesn’t get boring. But if you feel that it is taking over your life, you should try to aim for becoming your own singer and must drown out the life’s noise. This could be through meditation, jogging, yoga, Enya, etc.

2) If you want to achieve Legato, it is not enough to drown out the Staccato rhythms of Life that disturb you. You must accept that there are uneven, unbalanced moments in life that pressure us everyday. The acceptance of the fact that Staccato exists, will make it easier to hear and feel a sense of emotional and psychological Legato.

3) And finally, it is important to know that this is not a one, two, three fix. This takes time and a concerted daily effort. Quite literally, one must listen to calming music, or go out for a walk, maybe to a park (where there’s no car noise or construction sounds) and listen to nature. It is this exercise along with a process of internalization of the sounds of Legato within nature, right in our environment that we can utilize to help us become more peace-minded and at ease with the world around us.

I hope this helps.

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