Politics: The Most Underappreciated Artform

God, I love politics, not for the backstabbing, smear campaigning, double dealings, or its general propaganda. No. I love it because it is about intelligence, and as much as it is about emotional insight. It can be about how you raise an issue or word a phrase, to being about the science of presenting one’s image to possessing emotional gravitas.

To make it in politics, one must have more than one or two sets of skills. It is essential that one be masterful in a wide variety of areas in life. It is essential that one have high self-esteem and self-confidence, utilize their interpersonal skills, have fluency in language to convey a clear message to their audience, and be cognizant of impromptu questions that may lead to mistakes. Those are just the basics.

A political figure must be on a mission. The politician must have a goal. In this realm, therefore, it is not enough for one to attain all the aforementioned skills without a motivating factor. One must work with a motive in politics, like in life itself, in order to reach their audience and achieve a purpose. In essence, if we put aside the negative sides of the prism of politics, think of the best political statesmen, we can see: charisma, motivation, leadership qualities, fluency in language, and courage.

To me, politics is a form of art, and the politician is the painter. If you like their politics, chances are, you like their art work. A politician must paint a good picture for their audience, regardless of the scenery. With their words, the politician must portray an image with subtlety and detail yet render it abstract and vague in the end. A great statesmen possess all the skills I have mentioned and more, to paint an image as though it exists for real, though it may not be so.

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