Beneath The Cloudy Sky… [poem]

Beneath the cloudy sky and the occasional sunlight reaching through, I panic as my role diminishes in this world and nothing feels new. Every step I take is a step too late. One step too many and I am told to wait.

It seems I am not permitted to move ahead. The safest way is to hang on to a thread. No ones arm to bend, and no one to offend. Hoping for the best is the only means to an end. What is this path we are on?

What is this pain we endure? When all that we need seems to be love. But love they say cannot cure. Love thyself, love thyself. Funny thing is, I do love myself. I love who I am. The question is then, why do I
give a damn? I love to be loved. I love to be true. Through this trek of life, it would be nice to hear the words, I love you, too.

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