Freedom from Within

            The sense of fear is the most challenging to overcome, besides the plight of addiction. Nothing sweeps the earnest desires of joy and satisfaction like the storm of fear. Taken by this arresting and pulsating evil is the inner beauty of our souls, that bows out to any hope of sunrise spoken through the light that never dawns. There is nothing poetic about this sensation. Fear is the empty block on the road. But the shadow it carries fixates on our spirit, so as to let us know that we cannot pass through on our own. That not for a moment we should drive ourselves, we should forever seek comfort in another to do our part, or figure it best to do nothing at all.

It is fear alone that strikes and seizes this road from us to throw us away. Pain may arise, not from the fear itself, but from the costly seconds, now gone. The motives shattered, the inspirations melted, and the royal chance pulled off the throne. In our bodies, forces of blood rushed by anguish, by love, by desires, and by wishes are countered and mired, bring us to our knees and make us wish we were stronger. Yet the seconds passed, windows have shut and regrets begin to last.

But that is just the beginning. The beginning of how one can change how the weather in our minds form clouds, and how we can pull the light through between those clouds and see the sun peak into our hearts.

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