“Hello and Goodbye” [poem]

The air is brisk cold. The polarity is wide. Wisdom is scarce, and disparity on the rise.

An age passes in a year. Some shed for the masses a tear. Yet nothing seems to change, little within our grasp, little within range. Holding a wish for eternity. Hoping it breeds fraternity.

Wealth holds sway, the power to persuades us, while dreams stand idle or seem to evade us. Passion is used to dissuade us. Often forgetting about ourselves in the present, and what made us.

Change comes within, they say. Work hard and the world will be yours one day. It’s true. We fought together one day, you and I. There were no worries of truths or lies. We took pleasure a midst our hellos and goodbyes.

We stood united, we fell divided, but we never gave in to power. Now, we are concerned with what we can sell by the hour.

But what is a world together, without you and I. What is a world at all without a hello and goodbye?

The Recurring Dream.

I am now in my last few months to the end of my studies. It is near the end and I am to graduate. It is a wonderful feeling and a relieving sense of accomplishment. It is from here that I move on to greater endeavors. I look at my attendance sheet, as I am notified, “you have attended far too few classes in this course for successful completion”. I have only one course left to graduate. I can’t graduate now! What do I do?!

Then, I wake up. Each, and every so often this dream haunts me. It is a dream of my failure to graduate from school. Most often, it is about my failure to graduate from university. This is bizarre, to say the least, because I graduated (with Honours) from university just recently. Even more bizarre is how the dream’s scenario alters each time, but the basic premise of me failing to complete my studies remains the same.

As you most likely already know, dreams can be bizarre and absurd. And, to me, the projection of this recurring dream has become so absurd that it is now mildly laughable. This is due to the fact that my latest dream had nothing to do with my failing to graduate from university at all! No, it was now about my inability to graduate from elementary school!

Waking up with fear and anxiety each time, my first spoken words as I’ve woken up with relief mixed with anger are: “Come on, give me a break!”. I would not be lying if I said I’ve seen this dream dozens of times, but each time it seems to become more bizarre and ridiculously out of context. This last time I was louder than usual when I responded to my brain in protest!

If we want to talk about dream analysis, I really don’t know what to make of it. I try not to read into it much but this is one of those dreams that just will not go away. The inaccuracy of it baffles me the most. I know, it is not right. I know it is just a dream. I tell myself, it is just a dream. But, alas, it won’t go away. That is just a dream.

In reality, I am a graduate, I have a degree and I do not think that I’m a failure! Take that, you bastard subconscious of mine!