Life is a Ship

Life is a ship that sails. It begins off the docks at your first moments of life, and moves forward with no map. For the first few years, there seems to be no ship, and no sea. One may feel lost and confused, and merely at the mercy of others. But it is in fact true that we sail along, at first, unaware of anything, and anyone. Our destiny is primarily determined by our initial experiences, through the captains of our ship, our parents.

Through powerful winds of change, and numerous storms, our parents teach us how to navigate, so we hope; how to manage, and cope. It is their experiences that we trust. No choice, we tell ourselves, we must. Then we learn of the patterns, and we learn of random events that shake everything around us, and bring discord.

We try to seek for ways to bring stability, to read a map with superb ability. To bring about a passage, to bring an end to fragility. It is I that learned to captain this ship, it is I that knows the meaning of hardship. I sought my parents for help find my way. Soon I realized, their path was routed to this route, to this day. I was the result of my experience, my parents’ intuition and their lack of experience.

I am in awe. Of what’s gone thus far, Sometimes I wish I foresaw. But it wouldn’t be life, would it? …If we already knew the draw.

So we sail along, and sail along. It doesn’t really matter if we’re right or wrong. The experience is the destination, and the rest remains in our imagination. Because, life is a ship that sails. Love the sea, love the ship, and you won’t fail.

“Hello and Goodbye” [poem]

The air is brisk cold. The polarity is wide. Wisdom is scarce, and disparity on the rise.

An age passes in a year. Some shed for the masses a tear. Yet nothing seems to change, little within our grasp, little within range. Holding a wish for eternity. Hoping it breeds fraternity.

Wealth holds sway, the power to persuades us, while dreams stand idle or seem to evade us. Passion is used to dissuade us. Often forgetting about ourselves in the present, and what made us.

Change comes within, they say. Work hard and the world will be yours one day. It’s true. We fought together one day, you and I. There were no worries of truths or lies. We took pleasure a midst our hellos and goodbyes.

We stood united, we fell divided, but we never gave in to power. Now, we are concerned with what we can sell by the hour.

But what is a world together, without you and I. What is a world at all without a hello and goodbye?

Insignificant Goals [poem]

I live in ambition, aiming to fulfill my role

What that may be depends on my goal.

Day by day, I look to the skylight

Wondering what would be the day’s highlight.

I posture my thoughts, challenge my beliefs, and aim up high

Yet insignificant I feel with each breath, with each sigh.

Too much expectation, too much dedication,

has now left me with prescribed medication.

I talk to myself, wonder what steps should guide me safely to morrow.

Keeping me steady, for once without sorrow.

Keeping me grounded, with the experience of yesterday, with the knowledge that my actions will determine the days that follow.

Experience gives birth to knowledge.

And my experience suggests today:

that no goal is insignificant, no action unworthy,

if the aim was magnificence.

Beneath The Cloudy Sky… [poem]

Beneath the cloudy sky and the occasional sunlight reaching through, I panic as my role diminishes in this world and nothing feels new. Every step I take is a step too late. One step too many and I am told to wait.

It seems I am not permitted to move ahead. The safest way is to hang on to a thread. No ones arm to bend, and no one to offend. Hoping for the best is the only means to an end. What is this path we are on?

What is this pain we endure? When all that we need seems to be love. But love they say cannot cure. Love thyself, love thyself. Funny thing is, I do love myself. I love who I am. The question is then, why do I
give a damn? I love to be loved. I love to be true. Through this trek of life, it would be nice to hear the words, I love you, too.