Freedom from Within

            The sense of fear is the most challenging to overcome, besides the plight of addiction. Nothing sweeps the earnest desires of joy and satisfaction like the storm of fear. Taken by this arresting and pulsating evil is the inner beauty of our souls, that bows out to any hope of sunrise spoken through the light that never dawns. There is nothing poetic about this sensation. Fear is the empty block on the road. But the shadow it carries fixates on our spirit, so as to let us know that we cannot pass through on our own. That not for a moment we should drive ourselves, we should forever seek comfort in another to do our part, or figure it best to do nothing at all.

It is fear alone that strikes and seizes this road from us to throw us away. Pain may arise, not from the fear itself, but from the costly seconds, now gone. The motives shattered, the inspirations melted, and the royal chance pulled off the throne. In our bodies, forces of blood rushed by anguish, by love, by desires, and by wishes are countered and mired, bring us to our knees and make us wish we were stronger. Yet the seconds passed, windows have shut and regrets begin to last.

But that is just the beginning. The beginning of how one can change how the weather in our minds form clouds, and how we can pull the light through between those clouds and see the sun peak into our hearts.

Depression: The Cancer It Really Is.

This topic is a bit of a sensitive one to talk about for me. This is because I have been battling it for quite a while, and it is one type of illness that I would like to label as a “cancer (of the mind)”. It is, to me, like a cancer because it eats at your soul little by little and makes you feel smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker day by day. However, the worst part is, that in some cases unlike other types of known cancers, this one can go unnoticed. There are many people who put on a brave face, and smile in the presence of family and friends, yet feel their soul imploding inside.

I believe one who commits suicide, does so when their soul has fully imploded. It is difficult to describe and let alone categorize since there are many different feelings that the victim of this cancer goes through in order to make sense of everything. However, as I mentioned, I firmly believe that depression is a form of cancer. It is capable of crippling you not only physically, but also emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.

In my view, it is time that our medical community labelled this condition as nothing less than a cancer since it is just as life-threatening, if left untreated. In fact, there is research being done currently to see if there is a “depression gene”. If true, It would be like having cancer cells implanted within you from birth. But of course, not all cases of depression are genetic, as many cases are actually related to environmental factors. Nonetheless, if our medical community wants to hear from those who have suffered for quite sometime the effects of this cancer of the mind, I would call on them to take more serious action to find a cure, and consider it officially as: a type of cancer.

One may not be completely physically impaired and suffering from blatantly obvious depleting physical health, but the same if not more important functions of the body, being a persons cognitive ability (ability to think logically to solve problems) and their belief systems may become crippled with depression. The ability to function with simple tasks can be deemed too difficult for the depressed. The physical impairment of the severe forms of depression can mirror the weakened physical and mental abilities of a cancer patient. It is thus important that we see depression in a more serious light, with a more serious approach to treating its patients.

We all know that anyone can be crippled by depression, and regardless of your social class, age, ethnicity, or a blessing of fame and fortune, may not make you immune to it. It is a form of cancer not yet realized as such. It can arrest anyone’s mind and prevent them from taking any steps in a positive path, until it has eaten away at your sense of existence, to possess your mind and body, until you are no longer alive.

Depression is a cancer, and like different forms of cancer, it is curable. So, let’s take more serious action while we can and save more lives in need of dire support.

And If You Do NOT Believe in: Religion, Atheism, Agnosticism, or Scientology?

I was surprised looking up the terminology and finding out that there is not one that properly defines “one who does not believe in organized religion”, and/or believes that “it is beyond a human beings ability to fathom and communicate with the supernatural”, yet still believes in a God or Creator. One can think of Atheism, which professes the denial of any supernatural entity, and of Agnosticism where believers honestly confess that they neither believe or disbelieve.

But what about me! I do not believe in Religion, nor do I believe in Atheism. I am more in tune with the Agnostics, but even there, I cannot say I don’t believe in what we know as God (or a Creator)! What do we say then? I’m a Godist? That doesn’t make much sense, because then you will be asked: Which God?! Which Holy Spirit?! Tell me, tell me, Right Now!

Then you must pause, take a deep breath, and say: “the one you believe in” with a smile 🙂

So where do we stand? Those who have the same line of believe system, what should we call ourselves?

If we do not deny Evolution, we do believe in a Creator, then what the hell are we? What should we call ourselves?

You think, why is this important to bring up. It is important because I find modern day definitions too narrow or absent for those who do not believe in Religion, Atheism or Scientology.

We must start a campaign for a new terminology for people who may already believe in:

-The existence of a Creator
-The truth of Evolution
-The acceptance of the fallibility of Human Beings
-The inability of Human Beings to know the true essence of God’s intentions (therefore, religious doctrine becomes moot)
-The existence of subjects and matter that lead one to produce questions about possible Creation (but not in seven days)

These are just some basic points. I think it’s time to create a new terminology to describe those who believe in God, but do not follow their religion in practice.